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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Need to Know Computer Science to Attend?

No! We do not expect you to have ever programmed a computer, or even kow what that means. The only expectation we have is that you have used a computer before, and can move around using a mouse or keyboard. If you are looking at this website right now, you know enough! Come to Camp BaltiCode to learn to be a Dot Diva!

Will participants get to take home what they make?

In general, yes. Most of the items that participants make will go home with them either at the end of the day or at the end of the camp. Participants will also be provided with USB sticks with all of their written code to take home at the end of the camp.

What does a typical camp day look like?

Each day will vary based on that day's focus. In general, it will look something like this:

What types of activities do participants do?

Participants will learn to use a CircuitPlayground Express, a circuit board with many built-in sensors that allow for exciting opportunities. Some of the items students will create are a music box, and a plushie that lights up when two parts of it touch. An example of the plushie is a red doll whose hands light up when they are clasped. Participants will also work with LEDs and how to get them to light up in different ways, such as to send Morse code signals to someone else. Participants will learn how to code using MakeCode and Scratch programming languages. Note that NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is expected!

Who can Attend?

Any girl who lives in or attends school in Baltimore, and is 11 or 12 years old, can apply to attend Camp BaltiCode for the Summer 2018 program.

What is the Cost?

The cost for Summer 2018 is not yet set. It will be at most $20. Participants will also be expected to bring their own lunch, and provide their own transportation to/from camp.

When is the Camp?

Camp Balticode will meet July 30 - August 3 on Monday - Friday from 10AM-4PM. Participants are expected to attend all day for each day of the camp.

Who runs the Camp?

Camp Balticode is run by faculty and students from the Computer Science department at Loyola University Maryland. Find out more about us on the Contact Us page!

Where is the Camp?

Camp Balticode is held at the Computer Science Department at Loyola University Maryland. For more information, see our Location page.